Welcome to FIWARE Testbed Deploy


FIWARE Testbed Deploy is a set of scripts developed to deploy/undeploy Openstack testbeds required for testings. It involves the deployment or undeployment of virtual machine using a Cloud infrastructure, and installing the required software by using cloud-init functionality. The software involves the installation and configuration of Openstack services. To execute the fiware-testbed-deploy only it is required to have some valid credentials to access to a Cloud.

The installation of the testbed is fully automatized and consists on an OpenStack instance where the original keystone server was replaced with the KeyRock server. This is work in progress; the current version only installs Glance, Nova and Neutron, but also purges Swift, Cinder and Blueprint resources.

FIWARE Testbed Deploy source code can be found here.


GitHub's README provides a good documentation summary. The Admin Guide covers more advanced topics.